PBR fans will love that the iconic beer has come out with two new options. One contains more alcohol and the other contains none.  It's hard to believe that Pabst Blue Ribbon is celebrating one hundred seventy-five years of their product by giving us two new brews. We all know that PBR is cheap and has quite the following and now they are appealing to everyone.

According to Delish.com, Pabst Blue Ribbon has officially released their non-alcoholic and now their Blue Ribbon Extra. The two options are out now and have the same refreshing flavor but two totally different beers.

The PBR Extra has 6.5 percent alcohol compared to the original which contains 4.7 percent in a cool black can. The non-alcoholic version comes without the iconic red ribbon label on the can. But both have the same quality.

These two new Pabst Blue Ribbon Beers are now available wherever PBR is sold.

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