It's sad that it's come to this; bulletproof school supplies.  Parents and students alike are purchasing bulletproof backpacks and binder inserts as a form of protection against the horrific monsters that continue to terrorize our nation's schools.  A company from Springfield, Mass. says they've seen a large spike in sales since last weeks school shooting in Florida and while nothing can guarantee your child'd safety, it's cheap 'insurance' that could save a life.

Would you consider buying this kind of item for your own child?

News 10 ABC has the story of the Massachusetts based company called Bullet Blocker that according to their website:

Was started in 2007 by Joe Curran, a real-life father who wanted to do all that he could to protect his two school-aged children after witnessing the horror of the Virginia Tech massacre. Using the knowledge he gained while training as a Ranger in the United States Army, along with his experience as a Deputy Sherriff and firearms instructor, he invented ‘My Child’s Pack’ which was the first bulletproof backpack designed specifically for students. 

Bullet Blocker sells a range of bullet-resistant products including bulletproof clothing, inserts, and body armor.

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