Last night at 10pm ABC-TV debuted their much hyped new series "Pan AM". I had to turn it off after a half hour.

It basically did nothing for me, and was very cliche and basically in my mind supported the old 60's and 70's sterotypes that stewardesses we bimbos and slept with the Captains of the planes.

I don't know if the show was supposed to do more, but for me it did not. I watched and just said, "OK now they're going to do this". Every time they did exactly what I thought. It was way too predictable.

If they were trying to rip off the AMC show Mad Men which is brilliant and apply the formula to "Pan AM" airlines they failed miserably. I hope this was just a bad episode, because if it is representative it will be off faster than the new "Two and a Half Men" on CBS which I can't watch anymore either.

Any "Pan AM" fans out there? Let me know why you liked it, or if you dislike it as I did, let me know that too.