Owen Wilson has been spending plenty of time soaking in the local scene as he films the new independent movie 'Paint.'

The latest Owen Wilson sighting took place this past Sunday at the Spa City Farmer's Market at Saratoga Spa State Park. One of the vendors at the market, Feathered Antler, posted this photo to their Instagram with the actor:

The "Zoolander" and "Marley and Me" star has been in Saratoga and other locales shooting scenes for the new independent film "Paint" where he plays a Vermont artist who loses his television show to a younger painter. Wilson has been seen filming in various Spa City locations and in North Greenbush, and was even spotted enjoying a pipe at a Saratoga local smoke shop. The best part about many of the photos that have been popping up is Wilson is typically in character in his full get-up, complete with a 70's era Bob Ross style afro and throwback leather jacket.

The best part of all these photos is how approachable Owen seems. There have been numerous photos of him with fans popping up over the last few weeks. In all of them, Owen always seems happy to oblige his Captial Region fanbase. In interviews and through his movie roles he has always come across as a super down-to-earth guy, someone who be great company for a beer and a burger at Druther's. It is pretty cool when your impressions of the stars prove to be true in real life.

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