Add Saratoga Springs to the long list of Capital Region locations that have been utilized for filming movies and more over the last few years.

I was really hoping this was going to be for the rumored "Wedding Crashers" sequel. How cool would it be to see Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn crashing a wedding at Saratoga National or the Canfield Casino? Regardless, it is still pretty cool that Owen Wilson and several other actors will be making their way to several Saratoga County locations to film the independent comedy "Paint."

According to a Times Union story, the movie will be based on "...fictional character Carl Nargle, an artist who paints on Vermont’s Number 1 television show" and the plot will unfold with Nargle's " fall(ing) apart when the station hires a younger, better painter." The Times Union says Michaela Watkins, Wendy McLendon-Covey and Stephen Root will also be appearing in the movie, which will be shooting not just in Saratoga Springs but also in several undisclosed locations across Saratoga County.

So who knows? Maybe in the coming months you will run into Owen somewhere in and around Saratoga Springs and the surrounding towns. And if you are a huge fan of the movie "Wedding Crashers" and the comedy team of Owen and Vince Vaughn, maybe just like me you will hold out hope Vince will end being a part of this one. How cool would it be to see these to working together again right in our backyard? One can dream!

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