It's not going to be a dramatic storm that dumps a ton of snow on the area, but we are expecting conditions that could make for a slick commute on Thursday morning, according to a report from the Times Union. The worst of it should be from 7:00 PM Wednesday night until 7:00 am on Thursday morning, just in time for rush hour.

According to the same report, several flights have already been canceled and more delays are likely. You can check on the Albany airport website to get up-to-date information about flight cancelations and delays for departures and arrivals related to the storm.

We aren't going to see much accumulation but, as we all know here in Upstate New York, it's much more about the ice on the roads than it is about the amount of snow most of the time. We'll have to wait and see how icy it gets and how quickly the roads can be cleared and salted in the mornings.

An approaching low pressure system will bring light snow late this afternoon and into this evening, changing to a wintry mix later tonight.


As with all weather, it's always best to keep a close eye on your local conditions and by checking up-to-date forecasts when making decisions that affect your personal safety.

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