This is an open letter to someone that I have never met and probably never will. Maybe you know this person or maybe this person is you. There is still some good in the world and this unknown person at Crossgates Mall proves it.

We have all been there, one minute you have your wallet, keys. phone, etc. in hand, the next thing you know it's gone. This happens to my girlfriend regularly so I wasn't panicked at first. This time it was her cell phone and as time passed I began to wonder if it had been stolen.

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On Sunday, my girlfriend Lainie and I were at Crossgates Mall in Albany popping into Macy's, the pet store, Lush and a few others. Then, in a routine moment of reaching for her phone, it was gone.

My heart sank when I realized that I must have lost my phone. I thought this is going to be a huge nightmare. My mind immediately went to my identity being stolen and the loss of pictures I could never replace. - Lainie

Karolyi - Townsquare Media
Karolyi - Townsquare Media

The woman that helped us in Macy's was so kind but no phone. No luck at the pet store or 2 trips back to the bathroom. That's when you start getting mad with yourself and maybe even a little angry toward whomever may have stolen the phone. Then, you glance at the door to the police department and there it is!

When I noticed the phone resting on the door handle of the Guilderland Police Sub Station, I immediately had my faith in humanity overwhelmingly restored. - Lainie

Karolyi - Townsquare Media
Karolyi - Townsquare Media

To the good Samaritan that found the phone and made the choice to get it to a safe place to be returned, THANK YOU! This story could have ended a number of bad ways but YOU saved the day. I am hopeful that this story will stay with you this holiday season, maybe longer. It will stay with us.

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