Someone gave a call to the New York State Police about some sort of a domestic dispute at a home in Wilton.

Police Car (Bro.Lou Roberts Collection)

It was also reported that someone had been stabbed. When they got to the scene, they saw that one of the people that was allegedly involved in the dispute had a pretty bad cut.

The dispute was between 18-year-old Thomas Hill, and 58-year-old James G. Service, Hill’s stepfather. Hill was the person that had the laceration.

As the New York State Police did a little more digging, they found out that what started as a shouting match, turned into something more physical. Apparently, Service was carrying some sort of a glass bowl. As the dispute became more heated, Hill allegedly pushed Service. He fell down, and the bowl broke. Service took the bowl and he allegedly tossed it at Hill. That’s what caused Hill’s laceration. Troopers arrested both men.

According to the article in The Saratogian, Hill and Service ended up with several charges. Service was charged with a misdemeanor of Assault in the third degree. Troopers found that Hill allegedly had some things that had concentrated cannabis oil and has oil residue which led to charges of Criminal Possession Of A Controlled Substance in the seventh degree, in addition to Criminal Mischief in the fourth degree and and a violation of of Harassment in the second degree.