Not so long ago in a place very near to here, there was a beautiful princess who was having the winter blues.  She would cover up and wear sweaters and tights and boots, and look out the window longingly as she waited for spring to finally come around.

Then, one cold, dreary day the girl wandered down Interstate 90 and wound up at a little salon in East Greenbush.  It was a small gray house with lots of beautiful fairies frolicking about.  The fairies took her into their salon and turned her about.  They decided what she needed on that cold winter day was a sprinkling of magic spray tan dust.

So Natalie, whisked the princess away to a small, calm, peaceful room and gave her some potions to rub about.  Then she put the beautiful princess into a magic capsule and waved her magic spray tan wand all about.  Up, down, left and right.  And, within minutes, the beautiful princess was even more beautiful.

Natalie left the princess to check herself out in the mirror...

"Mirror, mirror on the way, who's the most golden of them all?"

No surprise, it was indeed Princess Bethany!  She spun around, in awe of her new sun-kissed glow!  She no longer felt those winter blues!  She felt like a new woman!  Natalie was indeed her Fairy Godmother!

The spray tan lasted longer than it's promised 5-7 days, and the princess lived happily ever after!


If you are feeling the need for spring in your life, call the fairy godmothers at Shelley Salon and Day Spa right now!

Maybe you have a spring break trip, or a prom, or a wedding coming up - spray tan it up!

I absolutely loved my spray tan!  I have been walking around for days now with a new swagger!

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And tell those adorable girls at Shelley Salon and Day Spa that Bethany said 'Hi'!