I'm sure you've heard what really goes down at the Olympic Village!  There's a reputation that the athletes at the Olympics have a lot of sex with... each other.  But, 42 condoms each, that's insane!  Or is it!?

Brazil is planning to have 450,000 condoms available at the Summer Olympics in a few months!  That's a record!  But they had to do it!  Because, back in 2012 in London they only had about 150,000 condoms, and they ran out!

Plus you have to add in other factors, such as, the Zika virus!  Which is a serious risk in Brazil, and it can be sexually transmitted!

Plus, let's face it, Brazil is just a sexier place than London, so there will probably be more risky business!

As long as the athletes are safe, I guess it's alright!  But man, don't you think they should save some energy for, oh, I don't know, um, sports!?

2014 Winter Olympic Games - Closing Ceremony
Getty Images

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