In 2016, Governor Cuomo froze Thruway tolls through 2020. With that time coming quickly, Cuomo hasn't released a policy on what he plans to do but we'll surely feel it with the Thruway Authority's rising debt.

According to New York Upstate, in order to pay back the debt that the Thruway Authority has accrued, including the newly built Tappan Zee Bridge, they will need to raise the tolls by 2022.

Governor Cuomo froze the tolls through next year and though they haven't released a policy, independent analysts say that they are refinancing this month. Thruway tolls haven't been raised since 2010 and Bloomberg reported that "overall Thruway toll rates per mile are the second lowest for cars among 24 toll roads in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and Midwest."

The Thruway Authority hasn't recommended any new toll prices for when the freeze is over but they are currently using bonds to pay off the $4 million bridge and $2.2 million in other planned projects. The Thruway Authority has formed an advisory panel and are looking into rates and a potential discount program for residents near the new bridge.

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