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Peeling Plate? EZ-Pass Can't Read Them? That's on You
Cashless tolls will arrive this November across New York state. That means that there will be no more toll booths and pictures of license plates will be taken from up above. What happens if you have a peeling plate? Will it be able to be read?
Cashless Tolls Changeover Coming Next Month
If you have been waiting to get your EZ Pass, when you head out on the Thruway next month, you will need it. The New York State Thruway Authority announced that their trial run has come to an end and they are ready to get started.
New York Tolls Go Cashless Soon
If you aren't an EZ Pass holder and you use the New York State Thruway, you may want to get your tag soon. The Thruway will be totally cash-less by the fall. Here are the details.
Thruway Toll Hikes Coming
In 2016, Governor Cuomo froze Thruway tolls through 2020. With that time coming quickly, Cuomo hasn't released a policy on what he plans to do but we'll surely feel it with the Thruway Authority's rising debt.
Amsterdam Toll Increase
Good for them. Enough is enough and when you consider that tractor trailer drivers currently paying $59 to drive a load from Amsterdam to Buffalo with have to pay $85 a load if the increases go into effect you have to say "STOP"!!