3 years ago I had a crazy idea to take local high schools and pin them against each other to see which school could collect the most non perishable food items.  Because of the frenzy around the Hunger Games movies, we'd call it WGNA's High School Hunger Games.

Have you ever had a big idea like that?? It's kind of hard to make people believe in it.  And it's even harder to get people to help you get the idea to take off.

Well, one thing led to another and we got it off the ground and running... and now, three years later we have collected about 50,000 pounds of food thanks to the help of some really amazing Capital Region High Schools.

This year the prize for the school that collected the most canned goods received a trampoline party and a live, acoustic concert at their school by Chase Bryant! So fun!

I'm amazed at Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons because they have won our Hunger Games all 3 times!  They play hard, and smart!


I want to personally take this moment to thank all of the volunteers, clients, coworkers and friends of mine who help support this project.  And a big thank you to all of the schools who compete!  And, most of all, thank you to our listeners for continuing to support every cause we ask you to!  You are truly amazing!

This year 14,000 pounds of food was collected.  That's enough for 11,000 meals.  Thanks to all of you, 11,000 times when someone is hungry in the next couple of weeks, they are going to have a meal.  And, that's a pretty cool thing.

Credit: Ariana Sheehan
Credit: Ariana Sheehan


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