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Update on Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons Field House [PHOTO]
They say that your time in high school is considered to be some of the best years of your life and I was lucky enough to spend mine at Notre Dame- Bishop Gibbons in Schenectady (Class of 2006). I was crushed to find out that someone came to my school and set the field house on fire but luckily …
3 Arrested in Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons Field House Arson
Arrests have been made in the case of the fire at Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons field house last month.
This morning, Schenectady police announced that19-year-old Shameek McDuffie, 18-year-old Joseph Riordan and 17-year-old Francis Civitello - all of Schenectady have been arrested and are facing charges …
Will They Win?
Last year Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons, in Schenectady, won our first High School Hunger Games. They're back again this year, and based on what I saw when I went to visit last week, they're definitely in the running again this year!