I think we all know by now that it is illegal to leave your car running and unattended in New York state. Section 1210 of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law makes it illegal for a driver to leave a vehicle without stopping the engine, locking the ignition, and removing the key from the car. But that doesn't stop a lot of people in the Capital Region from doing just that. Not only could you get a ticket, but it could also be worse.

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The Statistics Prove it's Not Worth Warming up Your Car

Last year (2021) over half of the stolen vehicles that were reported were left unlocked. Twenty-seven percent of those were cars that were started and left unattended to warm-up. Not only do you give the thief a chance to steal your car, but he can also get all of the contents inside too. Because the temperatures are getting colder, the Albany Police say that they have responded to incidents already this year where residents have reported their cars being stolen due to "warming them up".


A Friendly Reminder Regarding Your Vehicle in the Winter

Not only should you never leave your car unattended to warm-up even if it's in your own driveway, but you should never leave anything valuable inside. You should always lock your vehicle as well no matter where you are or are going.

Albany Police Prevention Tips:

    • Always lock your vehicle
    • Never leave it running unattended
    • Don't leave spare keys in or around your vehicle
    • Turn your vehicle off and always lock your car, even when making brief stops
    • Never leave children unattended in a vehicle, even when making brief stops.
    • Consider investing in a remote car starter to warm your vehicle in the winter.
    • Memorize the make, model, color, and license plate number of your vehicles to assist the police if it gets stolen.
    • Always take valuables out of your vehicle or place them in your trunk.
    • Install a loud alarm system.

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