It looks as if your dream of winning the lottery just got a little bit more expensive and harder to win. Will this deter you from playing the lottery? Lottery officials announced this week that Mega Millions will now cost you more and the odds of winning have also gone up. Starting Saturday, the Mega Millions ticket will go from $1 to $2 per game. It is also going to be harder to match those numbers. Mega Millions is changing the range of numbers that players have to choose from. This will make the odds of winning the second prize of $1 million better, but first prize even more difficult.

Mega Millions will offer a $3 ticket that will give you two chances at the jackpot instead of just one. But here's where they get you, that $3 ticket is only eligible to win the jackpot, not the secondary prizes from a dollar to a million or more. The Mega Millions jackpot will start at $40 million.

I have to honest, this won't deter me from playing the lottery. Are you like me, though? Do you only play the lottery when the jackpots are enormous?

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