We travel to Buffalo quite often and no matter how many trips we make, it always takes us between four and a half to five hours. But now, our prayers have been answered. Non-stop flights are available from Albany to Buffalo and you can book now. I think we may become frequent fliers on OneJet airlines for their new service for travel from Albany to Buffalo. It is a bit on the pricey side but if we need to travel to Buffalo in a pinch (which we sometimes do), it's nice to know that we can get there in just one hour.

In fact, we have already booked our first trip. Jenn has to travel to Buffalo for a family event one way and we were pleasantly surprised that you can already start booking. Flights begin February 13th and they start at around $119 one way. There are two flights per day available, one in the morning and one in the evening. The passenger jets are small. They seat just thirty passengers.

The smaller aircraft has its advantages including complimentary WiFi, extra leg room, complimentary beer, wine and snacks along with streaming entertainment. All of those amenities are cool, but how much can you enjoy in just an hour flight?

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