Depending on your point of view when it comes to winter, this is good news or bad news.

No matter what way you look at it, the NOAA has is predicting a pretty good chance of a mild Winter here in the Capital Region. You can see the NOAA's weather map below:

NOAA W2018 Prediction Map

Now, this is by no means a guarantee we will have a mild Winter. The NOAA is basically looking at all of their indicators right now for potential Winter weather, like an El Nino over the Pacific, to determine the probability of a mild Winter. So basically, for us here in the Capital Region, we have about a 40% chance of a mild Winter according to this map. There are still odds it could be a cold winter, or normal. The greatest odds right now though point to a mild winter.

Me personally, I prefer a cold winter with lots of snow until those first few big storms. Then after shoveling out a few times I am on the mild winter bandwagon! You can see the NOAA full outlook for Winter 2018 here.

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