It looks as if the parent company that makes Marlboro cigarettes is going to stop making tobacco products and go entirely smoke-free. I see more and more people shifting to vaping instead of smoking cigarettes, but that doesn't mean that there are fewer smokers. Now a major tobacco company is moving in the direction to stop manufacturing cigarettes all together.

According to, Philip Morris International, who manufactures millions of cigarettes including Marlboro, is moving towards being smoke-free. The plan is to phase out cigarettes and strictly make smoke-free products.

The new product and focus will be the IQoS. There are electric devices that heats the tobacco instead of burning it to cause smoke. Because the temperature is cooler it lowers the toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke ninety five percent. Research on this continues.

There are an estimated six million deaths globally per year due to tobacco use according to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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