Ya know is storm is huge when the US Postal Service suspend mail delivery! See which zip codes won't be getting service today.

How does the saying go? 'Neither snow nor rain...' Well, not today! It is very rare that the US Postal service will cancel mail delivery due to weather, but that is exactly what has happened today. According to News 10, the USPS has canceled mail delivery today for all zip codes that start with the numbers 120, 121, 122, and 123 (Which is pretty much the whole Capital Region!).

You know you are in the middle of a historic storm when the Postal Service says 'Ya know what, we are going to sit this one out.' And at the rate we are going, this one could turn into one of the biggest one day snowfalls in history for the Albany area!

A few years down the road, this will be one of those storms we all talk about and remember!

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