As far as the new cycle goes, 2017 was a VERY busy year.And what New Yorker's Google most in 2017 was a part of one of the year's biggest stories.

Daily Dot Google Map

In 2017, New Yorker's Googled 'Rose McGowan' the most, according to the Daily Dot. McGowan was one of the many, and one of more high profile, women who came out in 2017 accusing movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

So how did the Dot come up with this? They basically put a list of the year's biggest stories together and ran them through a Google Trends filter to find what was Google most in each state. The Daily Dot's data also revealed other popular New York searches including Harvey Weinstein, the Jeffrey Tambor allegations, Anthony Weiner's sentencing and more.

You can see the most popular item Googled in each state, plus other popular searches in 2017, here. 

Let's hope next year's searches are more positive and light hearted!

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