Remember when you didn't even know what an app was?  And, now our lived complete revolve around them!

Well, now CNN/Money just released their annual list of the best jobs in America for 2017, and the number one career right now is mobile app developer!

The average app developer makes $97,000 a year and there are a ton of open app developer jobs open right now!

Plus, apparently it's a low stress position and you can usually work from home!

According to the study, the top five jobs right now are:

1.  Mobile app developer.

2.  Risk management director - someone who makes plans for either communities or companies in case a disaster happens, and also runs the clean up and rebuilding after.

3.  Landman - someone who makes deals between oil companies and people who own the land that has natural resources under it. (Why can't it be Landwoman? Or Landperson?)

4.  Product analyst - someone who studies products and figures out how to improve them.

5.  Info assurance analyst - someone who figures out ways to protect companies' data and network.

So, there you have it!  The 5 best jobs for the new year.... and like every list of best jobs... radio host isn't on it. Damn.

Happy New Year!


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