I'm no stranger to confirming the spellings of words via Google. I'll also go there and check which version of the word is the correct one to use, as well, because once you start writing blogs you find out just how many folks are grammar police (even when they, too are wrong.)

It turns out, I'm not alone in my usage of "the Google," as my Nana may say. People all around the United States are using it for that very reason right now. In the moment it has taken me to write this sentence, if I had to guess, thousands of people have Googled how to spell words like "college" and "receipt." Think I'm kidding? Think those words are just too easy to need to search? Think again.

Google has compiled a list of the most misspelled word for each state and those two have popped up along with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I think even auto correct is confused on that one and yes,  I Googled it.)

What do you think New Yorkers have the hardest time with? I would think if it were the Capital Region, maybe Rensselaer or Coxsackie? I just want to point out, both words are underlined in red for me right now.

New Yorkers have the most difficult time with the word: beautiful.

Do you find you're one of these people? May I suggest this easy way of remembering it, thanks to Jim Carrey?


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