The state of New York will now be "grading" how school districts are handling testing for Covid-19.

This won't be a "grade" in the classic sense, but like a report card, parents will be able to track progress with testing for the coronavirus in their school districts.

According to a CBS 6 report, Governor Cuomo announced Tuesday each local district will now have to report all testing data (Ie - Number of tests, number of positive results) to the state on a daily basis which will in turn be posted to New York's COVID-19 online report card. Parents will be able to easily search for their school district to track the testing data for their local schools.

For any parent sending their child or children back to school during a pandemic, making an educated decision to send them back can be nerve-racking. The great thing about this site is it will give parents some real-time data to track how their schools are doing with the virus and hopefully give some peace of mind to those sending kids back into school, or some better data to back up the decision to keep kids home.

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