Who remembers the old days when your Dad or Grandfather took you along to a small town clambake? Maybe to the rod and gun club, or down to the Elks or Moose in your town. Massive bags of clams were dumped into boiling water, newspapers were spread out along the picnic tables, pounds of butter were melted down, and bottles of beer were stuffed into the ice chest. Let the slurping begin!

Clambakes are a family ritual going back to pre-World War II days. A great gathering event for our parents and grandparents. Now, of course, any seafood restaurant worth their sea salt has clams on the menu, and in various forms. And all of them have to basically transport you straight to the water.

Today, many restaurants in Upstate New York feature clam dishes on their monies. Some get fancy with their Clams Provinciale or Clams Casino, while others stick to plain old steamers, Either way they are consumed in great quantities both from the appetizer lists of the entrees and chalkboard specials at a number of Upstate restaurants.

Here are 13 of the best places to satisfy your clam desires this summer.  With Upstate New York just a couple of hours by plane from the rich clamming areas of the Eastern Shore, you know you are getting the best and freshest that America has to offer. You will find fancy seafood waterfront restaurants on here, and you will find easy-breezy clam shacks on this list.  All are tasty!

From Clambakes to Clams Casino to a Bowl of Steamers, Summer in Upstate New York Means It's 'Clam Time'

If you get the itch for some fresh clams this summer, whether just a bowl of steamers or something fancy, like Clams Provincial, here are a dozen Upstate New York seafood places that you just can't go wrong with.

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Chuck D'Imperio

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