"Bring the dog" they said! "It will be fun", they said! We are at peak foliage here in the Capital Region and south to the Hudson Valley. This time of year brings more people and their pets to the hiking trails and one of the best places to go is the Kaaterskill Falls in Hunter, New York but it is also known as a deadly destination.

Last weekend, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation, a 911 call was placed to Greene County dispatch regarding a dog that fell into a well near Kaaterskill falls! They called it a cistern but I prefer well.

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Forest Ranger's responded to an area they described as the Kaaterskill hotel site. Once at the scene Rangers Fox and France were able to assess the situation. What they saw at the bottom of the well was a medium sized dog in need of rescue.

Rangers Fox and France were joined by several additional Rangers and the decision was made to repel down into the well in an attempt to save the Husky. Turns out the dog was not injured from the fall but how will they get him out?


Now that they knew the dog was uninjured, Rangers tied a webbing harness onto the pooch and lifted the dog to the top of the well and reunited her with her owner. The entire ordeal took approximately 4 hours from 911 call to reunion with her owner.

Did you know that there is an engraving at Kaatherskill Falls called the "Bayard of Dogs"? According to Wikipedia, the engraving dates back to 1868 when a dog tragically followed his owner off the cliff to it's death. Luckily the pup that landed in the well celebrates a different fate, thanks to the Rangers.

Lainie Rae

Luckily Mondo and I didn't need a rescue but we did need a rest after climbing back up the stairs.

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