Our taxes may be high, but we don't let that stop us from having a good time!

It's the people that make it fun, but according to Wallethub, as far as states go, New York is one of the MOST fun. The Empire State recently landed at #5 on the website's ranking of the most fun states.

This ranking was basically based on fun stuff to do: the number of entertainment venues, movie theaters, casinos, night clubs and more. It also took into account places like public parks and the average price of beer and wine. Basically, anything considered 'fun' was considered for this study. New York Ranked #2 in the Entertainment and Recreation Category, but only #41 in Nightlife. But all factors considered, we land at #5 on this list.

So what states were the top 4? Nevada is #1 - no surprise here. It's tough to beat Vegas for fun. The next few seem funny though - North Dakota is #2, Colorado #3 and South Dakota #4. Now Colorado I get, but the Dakotas at 2 and 3? Not known as bad places, but not necessarily known as meccas for fun. Maybe I am missing something and should make a visit!

Bottom line: if you think the grass is greener elsewhere, you may be wrong. It seems we have it pretty good in New York when it comes to fun. Now if we could just lower those taxes! ;)


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