Sometimes you really have to love New York, for better or worse we see things like this happen all the time. Well maybe not the nude part.

Imagine taking in a leisurely ride late on a Thursday night to witness a man not just crash his car into a home. To then flood the home by collapsing the swimming pool in the process and also fleeing the scene on foot buck naked. Well that happened, only in New York right?

Police responded to a home in Shirley, New York around 11:30 last night with reports of some broken fences, broken pools and decks as well as a car in a home. If you were behind the wheel your first instinct at the scene of the accident is to disrobe right? Okay, well maybe not. That is what drugs will do to you I guess.

John Winn, 32, fled the scene injured and baring all and was then arrested with charges of driving under the influence of drugs, reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident. I suppose in Long Island they just turn their head on the nudity aspect.

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