We have the breathalyzer for drunk drivers, and now the state of New York is working on a detection system for distracted drivers.

According to the Times Union, there is a new detection bill system in the works that will allow police officers to track what someone was doing on their smartphone. Basically, they would be able to tell if someone was distracted using their phone at the time of an accident. Police would have the ability to scan devices at the scene of an accident. The Times Union article says police would basically just connect the technology to someone's phone to scan it. Some are concerned about privacy because as this is being proposed as something officer's could do without a warrant. Plus, the technology (which is still being developed) has one big fault: it cannot discern something like if someone was talking with their phone in their hand or using a hands free.

It makes sense that this is being developed. We hear everyday about accidents caused by smartphone use, but I am sure there are many others where distracted driving does not come to light because it was not obvious or a driver keeps the use a secret after an accident. But if you think about it, this isn't really necessary as things like texting and cell phone records can be gathered from cell provider data.

This is why Siri is your best friend. Put that headset on, and let her do all the work. And you will never have to worry about being 'scanned!'

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