New Yorkers will have several chances this year to do some freshwater fishing without a license.

It just may be the ultimate social distancing activity, and over the next 11 months, you will have the opportunity to cast that line without the commitment of buying a fishing license.

Every year the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) sets aside several "Free Fishing Days" on fresh water and according to the DEC website here's when they will take place in 2021:

  • Saturday, February 13th & Sunday, February 14th
  • Saturday, June 26th & Sunday, June 27th
  • Saturday, September 25th
  • Thursday, November 11th (Veteran's Day)

As the DEC says, these days are a great opportunity to try your hand at fishing for the first time or if you already fish, it is an excellent opportunity for you to invite family or friends to give angling a try.

This year, the 2 weekends above actually fall at some pretty opportune times. The February days fall on the President's Day holiday weekend, so if you get some ice fishing in you can also take the day Monday to thaw out by the fire. The June days fall on the first full weekend of 2021, which means you will be looking for any excuse to get outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Hitting up that great fishing hole you have been hearing about maybe just what the doctor ordered come June!

If you want to start planning ahead for these fishing days, the DEC has some great resources at their website where you can learn how to fish, find some fresh water bodies to fish at and more.

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