The weather is getting colder but if you've been putting off fishing this season, you have one day left where you can go out for free! No license required!

New York State offers four days each year where anyone can fish for free. That means that on these four days, anyone can fish any of the fresh waters in New York State with no fishing license. That goes for both residents of New York State and non-residents, but you still must follow all other freshwater fishing regulations.

This year, the free fishing days, according to New York Upstate, were February 17-18, June 23-24, September 22nd, the last of the year will be November 11th.

Usually, you have to have a fishing license to fish in this state so if you're looking to try fishing for the first time, haven't fished in awhile, or just decided to not buy a license this year, you have one more day to give it a go! Otherwise, you must have a fishing license, which can be purchased through the Department of Environmental Conservation website annually. Also, note that you may qualify for a free or reduced free license if you're active duty military, veteran, senior citizen, blind, or non-resident attending a NYS college.

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