Lawmakers are looking into adding the e-cigarettes to the indoor smoking ban.

According to the Time-Herald Record, the State Assembly has already endorsed banning e-cigs in workplaces, bars and restaurants. Their reasoning is even though they are smokeless, there are still chemicals in the vapors that others can be exposed to second hand. The next step to move this along would be approval from the Senate. The article also states lawmakers think the ban could sway minors away from using e-cigs.

I typically am against more rules and regulations from Government, but this one I agree with - especially with the second hand chemicals issue. I have no problem with anyone smoking e-cigs or regular cigarettes. But, I if I'm in an enclosed area, especially when my kids are with me, we should not be exposed to second hand smoke or chemicals. Someone's choice to smoke shouldn't become a choice others have to deal with in a public setting.

Basically, I say smoke 'em if ya got 'em. Just smoke 'em outside!

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