There are many motorists who try to find ways out of paying their tolls. This is the consequence.

I personally don't take toll roads all too often whether it be lack of need or the fact that I never carry cash. Toll fees can be pesky but unless your making a trek across the state they don't really add up to a whole lot. Either way day in and day out many drivers try to avoid paying those pesky tolls. Now the state is able to suspend their registration for it.

If an average driver skips out of three or more fees in a five year period this may happen to them. Commercial truck drivers who acquire more than $200 in a five year period will be subject as well. Here is what Governor Cuomo had to say..

“Toll evaders flaunt the law and do so on the backs of hard working New Yorkers who play by the rules,”


“This action provides new tools to ensure these scofflaws pay their fair share, as well as support new automatic tolling initiatives that will decrease congestion and modernize New York’s transportation system.” - TIMES UNION

So if you get three or more notifications from toll authorities and don't pay, you can expect a cop car to pull you over for lack of registration.

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