Governor Cuomo has signed off on legislation that will make leasing pets illegal.

I never knew leasing a pet was a thing, but it was unfortunately a legal practice in New York that could end with pets literally being repossessed. The good news is, in about 3 months this will become illegal.

CBS 6 is reporting Governor Cuomo has signed legislation that will make it illegal for dogs and cats to be sold using 'lease to own' plans. The set up is basically similar to purchasing a car. And like a car, the pets could be repossessed. According to CBS,  opponents of pet leasing feel this a "cruel practice" and ya gotta agree, right? Imagine having a pet for an extended period of time, then having it pulled from your home.

The other good news here is now that this practice is illegal, you have to imagine those who cannot afford expensive dogs will focus their efforts on adopting pets in shelters who need forever homes!

CBS says the new law to make pet leasing illegal will go into effect in 90 days.

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