A new website is helping to inform New Yorkers on the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine by tracking vaccine status and hospitalizations.

With the rise of the Delta variant and COVID breakthrough cases, the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines has become a popular topic in recent months. In an effort to present a clear picture of how the vaccines are working amidst the Delta surge, the state of New York has created a website that basically tracks COVID cases, the perctage of those cases among vaccinated individuals, as well as the percentage of those hospitalized who are vaccinated versus unvaccinated.

In a nutshell, the data is basically proving two things: while the vaccine is not 100% effective against the virus, it is very effective in reducing the risk of catching COVID and for those who do catch it, it does offer great protection towards preventing a hospital stay. According to the site vaccinated New Yorkers are 78.6 percent less likely to contract the virus. For those who do, it is 89% effective in preventing a severe case that necessitates hospital care. While the effectiveness of preventing infection has gone from about 92 percent during trials, the protection against severe hospital cases has remained consistent with the vaccine trial data. So while the Delta variant has shown more of an ability to evade the vaccine, its effectiveness in preventing hospitalizations in breakthrough cases remains the same.

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