It's Tuesday and of course Tuesdays are the days that albums and dvds hit stores. Does anyone know why they picked Tuesday? Well, I got this answer by doing a little research.

According to  Mark Berman of the trade Magazine MediaWeek:

 "Since Monday is the day after the weekend, consumers are not at their height of awareness. And because Friday is the day before the weekend, consumers are preoccupied with other things. That leaves Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Since Tuesday comes first, it leaves Wednesday and Thursday open to actually buy [and track sales of] the product. So, Tuesday it is"

So I guess we have our answer to that question!

Today we have the release of three albums from three great country artists. First we have the brand new album from Blake Shelton called "Red River Blue". It features the #1 hit "Honey Bee" and his latest single "God Gave Me You". The title track features his wife and our Countryfest Headliner Miranda Lambert and a song called "I'm Sorry" features Martina McBride.

Second we have the brand new album from Chris Young called "Neon". It's Chris' third album and contains the monster hit "Tomorrow" and a song with a title I love "Save Water, Drink Beer".

Finally we have the second album from country cutie Ashton Shepherd called "Where Country Grows". It contains 10 tracks (unless you get the deluxe edition where you get 13 tracks) including the top 20 hit "Look It up".

It's also a big day for Rhett Akins because he has a song he wrote on all three of these albums. He helped write Blake's "Honey Bee", a song on Chris' album called "I Can Take You There" and a tune on Ashton's CD called "Beer On A Boat" He has become a monster songwriter over the last few years.

So if you're like me and old fashioned go out to you favorite place you buy music and pick up one or all of these cd's and if you are one of the new generation download it on I-Tunes.