Internet scams are getting smarter and using the people we love to get to our money. If you're a Toby Keith fan, be careful, who's reaching out to you on Twitter may not be who you think.

Police are warning people about a new Twitter scam that makes it look like Toby Keith is reaching out to people to get money from his fans. I first saw this story being reported with FOX Cleveland and one of our Twitter followers also reached out to let us know.

One of the victims said they were posting about having some financial issues on Twitter. That's when an account that looked like it was Toby Keith reached out to him, asking him to message privately. "Toby Keith" gave the victim a number to text and said he would help pay off his bills. Country stars are known for reaching out and being generous to fans (think: Garth Brooks), he didn't think much of it.

That's when the victim gave "Toby Keith" his credit card information and saw that deposits were being made into the account. The weird part was that "Toby Keith" wanted the victim to repay him with $500 gift cards. That's when those deposits were revoked.

Toby Keith is probably a very nice guy but if he's asking to pay off your debt, be careful about it before you give your information to just anyone!

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