If you drive past the Fuller Road Firehouse on Central Avenue in Colonie, your license plate will soon be able to be read by authorities.

Bro.Lou Roberts Collection

There will be two fixed license plate readers set up in front of the Fuller Road Firehouse. This is courtesy of a $50,000 dollar grant from the New York State Division Of Criminal Justice Services, for the Colonie Police Department. There’s still a vote needed to accept the grant. That vote will take place at a Colonie Town Board meeting on Thursday evening. A server will be set up at the Albany County Sheriff’s Office to receive the data.

The Colonie Police have mobile license plate readers and now these will be the first fixed readers in Colonie. The new devices will be used to assist authorities in helping to solve crimes. The city of Albany already has the fixed plate readers. Other areas, including Rensselaer, Glenville and Niskayuna have all recently received grants for the new technology.

In the story from The Times Union, a Niskayuna man that was in some trouble with the law, was sent to prison, partially thanks to some of the cameras that are set up in Albany.