Despite all the crappy weather we had yesterday, the weather is going to be much brighter this week.  Ironically, we are playing a new Jason Aldean song called, "Tattoos On This Town."  When I first heard this song it didn't have quite the impact it has now since the reminisces of Tropical Storm Irene.  Whether you find some correlation between this song with any of Irene's devastation personally or just hearing some new country music helps you get through the beginning of your work week, I hope you enjoy this song.

Some of the lyrics read:

'Take a ride, look around

There ain't no doubt

It sure left it's mark on us,

 we sure left our mark on it

We let the world know we were here,

with everything we did

We laid a lotta memories down,

like tattoo's on this town'  

To check out the rest of Aldean's song, off his My Kinda Party album, you can of course listen and/or request it on WGNA-FM.  Or simply click the audio button below to hear the song in it's entirety.