I'm all for the support of animals, especially police animals. There's something about animals putting their lives on the line to support or save us humans. Animals truly are saints.

Thankfully, "Mitchell's Law" is expected to be passed by the Senate today. It's named after K9 Officer Mitchell who, according to WNYT News Channel 13, was stabbed in the throat during the manhunt for a murder suspect in Jamestown. K9 Officer Mitchell almost died but thankfully recovered.

Granted, someone who has it in them to kill another human being obviously doesn't have a second thought about hurting or even killing an animal, especially one that may be chasing them. I just have no sympathy for anyone who can hurt or abuse an animal like that and am so happy that this bill will raise the crime of injuring a police animal from a misdemeanor to a felony like it should be. That doesn't just cover dogs but also police horses as well.

Republican Senator Cathy Young of Olean said it perfectly when she mentioned that the death of a police animal is currently equated to stealing a pack of gum from a convenience store and for their service and protection they give, I'm happy these animals are going to be treated better than that. Once the bill clears the Senate, it will move to the Assembly before it officially becomes law.

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