Are you looking for something new and fun to do with the kids during Christmas vacation? 5 Wits may be the answer.

With the addition of Lucky Strike Social Club earlier this year, Crossgates has continued to grow as not only a shopping destination, but one for great entertainment. And today you have another fun venue to add to the list.

Today 5 Wits is celebrating their grand opening at the Crossgates Mall. If 5 Wits sounds familiar, this is their fourth location. They have others in Syracuse and West Nyack, NY, as well as Foxboro, MA.

So what is 5 Wits? According to their website, 5 Wits gives "...guests a live-action, immersive adventure experience within a realistic, hands-on setting. Rather than watching an action movie or playing a video game, customers get the chance to BE the action hero and get inside that movie or video game." 5 Wits says their experiences are similar to an escape room where '...guests use teamwork to solve challenges,' just with a better setting, special effects, and storytelling. So think of it like a real life virtual reality experience.

The Crossgates 5 Wits has 3 experiences you can check out:

  • Deep Space: Teleport to an abandoned starship
  • Drago's Castle: A medieval experience
  • Tomb: An Egyptian archaeological dig

Here is a video of the Deep Space experience in Syracuse:

So if you are looking to escape to another world this week and try something new with the kiddos while they are on vacation, visit the new 5 Wits near the Regal Cinemas at the Crossgates Mall! their Grand Opening kicks off this morning at 10am.