We have delivery services for what it seems like everything but there's a new delivery service for a new niche that we've been missing.

GoPuff is the name of a new delivery service that launched in Albany on Thursday, according to News10. The digital convenience store will be working with about 3000 products in local facilities like "smoking accessories, snacks, medicines, cleaning supplies, diapers, pet food, frozen meals, hot and cold drinks, and pints of ice cream."

The difference between this program and others similar to it is that this service will only be from noon to 4:30 am daily and focus on "late-night essentials" that one would pick up from a corner store. All for a flat $1.95 delivery fee but currently is awarding complimentary pints of ice cream to new Albany customers.

This is the second GoPuff location after the Syracuse app launched in 2017 and originally launched in 2013 in Philadelphia.

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