This is almost a daily occurrence for me, I work like 8 hours straight and about 1:30 pm I find myself on my way home and thinking I don't even think I can make it without getting SOMETHING to eat. My wife hates it when I get fast food so in my mind I have totally separated something fast from a convenience store with something from a fast food restaurant. Maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong but it means I can grab a sandwich when I pick up some milk and bread and not feel guilty.

So what is the best convenience store food? I asked that very question on my Facebook page.

"If have to stop at a Convenience store for food, what is your go to item? I always seem to go for the egg salad sandwich at Stewarts..."

Photo from Wikipedia
Photo from Wikipedia

(Keep in mind this was a VERY unscientific survey that holds no real merit other than what my Facebook friends think)

There were a few stores mentioned, it seems Cumberland Farms makes a great salad complete with bacon and whatever "F'Real shakes" are.  Jiffy Mart has pizza, soups, subs, and these homemade kettle potato chips.

I got a whole lot of different answers but it did seem that Stewart's is the go to place for a quick food grab. Many people liked the egg salad like me, or chicken salad got a couple of mentions. Some said hot dogs, hamburgers. egg sandwiches and one even threw in a vote for the newer buffalo chicken sandwich.

SO what is your "go to" fast grab food item when you stop at a local convenience store? Let us all know and maybe we can eventually try them all.


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