As the said in the movie 'Mallrats,' next month you will have a new 'mid mall dining option' at Crossgates.

And it looks like the food is going to be great! 110 Grill is set to open sometime in July, according to the Times Union. It will be located right near Lucky Strike.

I am sure your first question is what is the menu like? On the surface 110 Grill looks like a classic american grill pub with everything from wings to pizzas to burgers to steaks and more. And the selections look great! But, they also have an extensive menu of Gluten Free options! If you are gluten free you know how tough it is to find a great menu that suits your needs and has great selection; it looks like 110 Grill does just that!

This smaller chain currently operates 14 locations throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and the Crossgates restaurant will be be there first in the state of New York.

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