The former Wold's 1-11 location will be home to 2 new restaurants.

Apparently when one restaurant door closes, 2 new ones open up! According to a Times Union story, a new Asian themed barbecue restaurant called 'Mosu' is expected to open sometime in winter 2020 at the old Wolf's 1-11 location. This is the 2nd restaurant planned for the spot; the new Toro Cantina Mexican restaurant was announced for the location earlier this year.

The really cool thing about Mosu is they will have hot pot dining available. Just think the Melting Pot, with Asian fare. The Times Union says there will also be tables with grills where diners can cook there own foods. If you were ever at the Melting Pot before they closed in Albany, you know it was a fun experience. I would expect a local option like Mosu will be even better, and Asian barbeque will be a nice culinary twist on this experience.

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