If you're mad about the recent "Netflix Purge", i have great news! New movies and TV Series have joined the Netflix line up.

Recently people were up in arms over Netflix blowing out a long list of titles but as promised the streaming and mail order giant has replaced those titles with new and classic titles.

Here are a few of my favorite Newly added titles:

"American Psycho" (2000) Christian Bale is way more of a mad man than Batman as a homicidal yuppie.

"Raging Bull" (1980) CLASSIC De Niro!!! Enough said.

"Thelma and Louis" (1991) Two women buck the system and go on the thrill ride of a life time.

"West Side Story" (1961) When you're a Jet your a Jet...Unless you're Mark Sanchez.

"What's eating Gilbert Grape" (1993) Depp and DiCaprio...act like you won't watch it ladies.

"Big Trouble In Little China" (1983) This tour de force starring Kurt Russel somehow never won an Oscar!!!

"Bull Durham" (1988) If you hate this movie, you hate America!

"Red Dawn" (1984) THE ORIGINAL!!! Proof that NO ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNER when Swayze is around. Even if "Baby" is the entire U.S.A.!

"Mousehunt" (1997) Your kids will laugh as a mouse outsmarts Nathan Lane. Pretty sure it wasn't a fare fight.

"Spaceballs" (1987) Leave work, leave school, drop what you're doing and go watch this movie or I will feed you to "Pizza the hut".

"Planes, Trains ans Automobiles" (1987) Steve Martin and John Candy in a buddy film! If that doesn't make you want to watch I have NO respect for you as a person.

"Scrooged" (1988) THIS is the holiday classic in my house!

There are two TV series that deserve special mention.

"Dexter" you can now see all 8 seasons of your favorite serial killer.

"House of Cards" Kevin Spacey is the focal point of a DARK look at American politics in this Netflix original series. Season 2 debut's this Valentine's day!