I'm usually pretty well-versed in true crime stories, especially if they're local but this story recently featured on Netflix I've never heard of and the internet has some questions.

Netflix recently premiered the new series "Haunted" on their streaming service but one episode in particular is getting some attention and it happened in Upstate New York. The episode "The Slaughterhouse" is the second in the series and focused on Terrilyn and her sister Sadie and their childhood with their serial killer parents.

All we really know about the family is that this happened in the country of Upstate New York and started in the early 1970s. I can't find anywhere what exactly they mean by "Upstate New York" or any story online involving people with those names. The internet has other issues with it - they don't believe it.

"Haunted" is promoting itself about people's true creepy life experiences. This episode in particular seems a little fishy. According to Mashable, one of the executive producers has spoken out on Twitter saying, "Everyone who participated in the show is 100% real. The stories happened to them. Life doesn't always have a perfect ending. It's not always just about telling someone, but finding someone to listen."

I don't know how I feel about it. Is it possible that this horrific story is true and could have happened not too far from here? Sure, but how likely is it that we wouldn't know this story or that it wouldn't have hit national news (it didn't happen THAT long ago). Have you heard of their story? Could you validate it?

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