Once we knew about the solar eclipse, places everywhere began selling the glasses, many of which sold out. Now the eclipse is over, what are you going to do with the glasses?

There's another eclipse coming in 2024 and it's going to be closer to us, near Buffalo, but let's be honest, are you going to save them for that long? Will you remember where you put them? Probably not, so donate them to a great cause.

Astronomers Without Borders out of California says they will soon announce a program to donate your used eclipse glasses to distribute to students in South America and Asia to see the eclipse that will be passing over them in 2019. According to NBC4 in Columbus, don't send the glasses directly to the AWB yet because they have sponsors who will be coordinating it for them. Just don't throw them out and you'll be able to help people in another country see the eclipse safely like you did.

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