James Thomas is coming back home! This is great news for the Schenectady High School girls basketball team.

I remember watching James Thomas play for Schenectady High School back in the early 2000's and those teams were good!  Really good.  Thomas was a rebounding machine and played with passion and energy.  He went on to have a solid college basketball career at the University of Texas, and I'll never forget when his Longhorn team made it all the way to the Final 4 before losing to the Syracuse Orange in the NCAA semi finals. The young man was a winner.

After that, it was hard to keep track of his whereabouts as he bounced arouNd in the NBA, oversees, and developmental leagues.  He's played in countries I can't even pronounce, for teams I never knew even existed, but he kept playing and he kept learning.   I think it's awesome that he's heading back to his hometown to coach the Schenectady HS girls basketball team.  If these young women play with any of heart he exuded, they'll be just as successful.

Good luck Coach Thomas

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