I absolutely love my dog Freddie and in honor of National Pet Day, I would like to give him a huge shout out. But National Pet Day isn't just for loving all pets, it's actually a way to help out local shelters and give a little extra love to those animals that need some extra attention. Shelters can always use supplies like food, treats, and toys. Also, check with your local pet day care facilities. Sometimes they can use old blankets, towels and sheets. We just brought a ton of towels to The Pet Lodge in Clifton Park where Freddie spends some of his time.

It is also encouraged that you check on the elderly that may have pets and make sure they are being properly taken care of. And the most important, if you are looking for a furry friend, try and adopt from your local shelter. There are many amazing pets looking for forever homes.

What pet do you have? Give them a big shout out. Tell us their name and what kind of animal you have.

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